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The 10 Longest Nonstop Flight in the World, Fly Emirates superstar
Emirates A380 from Dubai to NZ makes longest non-stop flight: 17 hours, 15 minutes - 14.193 km

ROMA (Italy) - A ''non-stop flight'' is a flight by an aircraft with no intermediate stops. An ultra long-haul non-stop flight is a flight by a commercially operated airliner without any scheduled intermediate stop of any kind and route length using the higher end of the airliners' range. These flights usually follow a great circle route, often passing over the northern or southern polar region. An Emirates Airbus A380 jet has made what is believed to be the current longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight by distance. Dubai, UAE — Auckland, New Zealand, Emirates Flight 499 - Aircraft: Boeing 380-800 - Duration: 17 hours, 15 minutes - Distance: 8,819 miles.

1. Dubai, UAE — Auckland, New Zealand, Emirates Flight 499 - Aircraft: Airbus 380-800 - Duration: 17 hours, 15 minutes - Distance: 8,819 miles. The plane covered about 14,200km (8,824 miles) when it touched down in Auckland, New Zealand on Wednesday. It was expected to be the world's longest non-stop commercial flight by duration as well, but landed too early. Emirates expects "high demand" for the new route, which reportedly reduces the current travel time by three hours.

2. Dubai, UAE — Panama City, Panama Emirates, Flight - Aircraft: Boeing 777-300 - Duration: 17 hours, 35 minutes - Distance: 8,580 miles. The longest nonstop in the world was scheduled to launch in early February 2016 but has been delayed until March pending codeshare approval. Which means you’re only a couple of weeks away from being able to listen to “Panama” 302 times between takeoff and landing.

3. Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX — Sydney, Australia - Qantas Flight 8 - Aircraft: A380-800 - Duration: 16 Hours - Distance: 8,589 miles. Spending 16 hours in a middle seat between a guy with a Texas accent and a guy with an Aussie accent would be the airplane equivalent of listening to a mash-up of Mozart and Skrillex.

4. Johannesburg, South Africa — Atlanta, GA - Delta 201 - Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 - Duration: 16 hours, 35 minutes - Distance: 8,449 miles. This is a long flight.

5. Abu Dhabi, UAE — Los Angeles, CA - Etihad 171 - Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 - Duration: 15 hours, 39 minutes - Distance: 8,387 miles. If this flight had existed in the ’80s, it would have been way easier for Garfield to get Nermal out of the house.

6. Dubai, UAE — Los Angeles, CA - Emirates 215 - Aircraft: A380-800 - Duration: 15 hours - Distance: 8,335 miles. If you’re hanging around LA on a Friday afternoon and are in the mood for a vacation in the desert, this flight will actually take less time than driving to Vegas.

7. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia — Los Angeles, CA - Saudia 41 - Aircraft: Boeing 777-300 - Duration: 15 hours, 56 minutes. Distance: 8,329 miles.
For frequent-flyer-status-obsessed Saudis, a fun way to make the world’s largest mileage run would be to connect from here to Melbourne.

8. Dubai, UAE — Houston, TX - Emirates 211 - Aircraft: A380-800 - Duration: 16 hours, 19 minutes - Distance: 8,164 miles. Since the inception of this flight, men all over the UAE have strangely started referring to each other as “you bastards!”

9. Abu Dhabi, UAE — San Francisco, CA - Etihad 183 - Aircraft: Boeing 777-300 - Duration: 15 hours, 13 minutes - Distance: 8,154 miles. Since SF isn’t really in the oil business, and dudes from the UAE get plenty of sun at home, we’re not entirely sure why they need a fast way to get to… ooooooooooh, right, cable cars. Duh.

10. Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX — Hong Kong, China - American Airlines 137 - Aircraft: Boeing 777-300 - Duration: 15 hours, eight minutes - Distance: 8,119 miles. If you ever find yourself on a date with a girl who’s not your girlfriend and see a guy who looks a liiiiiittle too much like Joey Greco lurking in the shadows, here’s a tip: Hong Kong is very hard to navigate in a white Econoline van.

11. Dubai, UAE — San Francisco, CA - Emirates 225 - Aircraft: A380-800 - Duration: 15 hours, 37 minutes - Distance: 8,099 miles. Spending 15 hours on a plane isn’t so bad when you’re on the fourth-best airline in the world, the food tastes good (no, really, like, it’s won awards), and the flight attendants wear se*y uniforms.

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Emirates si espande e con Panama City offrirà il volo no-stop più lungo della storia aerea: 17 ore e mezza. Il colosso aereo medio orientale aggiunge nuove destinazioni al suo già ricchissimo "global router". (Continua...)